What is ZapMaid?

ZapMaid is an on-demand cleaning service. Think of it as LYFT for maids. 

How do you charge?

We charge by the duration of the clean. You pay for exactly how much cleaning you want - every time. Our intelligent booking systems suggest lengths based on your space and circumstance. 

So what is the price?

Our rates depend on your location.  

Can I pay cash? 

No, our ZapMaid app takes all major credit cards, making it a cash-free transaction.

Can I tip?

Yes, you can tip easily through our app. 

Do I have to use the app?

Yes. ZapMaid is only available through the app. 

Can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel for whatever reason up to 24 hours before the start of the booking for a full refund. Cancellations within 2-24 hours will be assessed a $15 cancellation-fee. Cancellations under 2 hours before the start of the booking will be charged the full amount. 

Do I have to be there?

No. Just give us clear entry instructions. Our in-cleaning chat and photo feature gives you complete control from anywhere. 

What is HOCL?  

Hypochlorous acid is electro-charged water and salt. It is 100% natural and biodegradable cleaning solution. Click here to learn more.

I like my cleaning products!  

We are happy to use whatever cleaning products you provide. Just let us know! 

Who are ZapMaids?

All of our experienced associates go through several rounds of interviews as well as a rigorous background check. Click here to learn more.

Can I request the same maid?


ZapMaid believes that trust and familiarity are paramount. After each booking, you can decide if you want that maid to return. If yes, then make that maid your ZapMaid and all future booking requests will go to them first. 

You can also create a group of Favorite Maids who will be given priority when your ZapMaid is unavailable. 

Can I change my ZapMaid?

Yes, you can manage your maids in the Favorite Maids menu. 

Do you clean Airbnbs?  


Many people use us as an affordable, consistent, and dependable way to turnaround their vacation rentals.

ZapMaid provide before and after pictures with every clean for your peace of mind. 

House profiles with notes and pictures of every room make for easy re-booking. 

ZapMaid is a great way to invest back into the community by hiring locally.

Do you do linens? 

Yes, if a washer and dryer is available in the unit. 

Do you bring a vacuum? 

We prefer to use yours, but we will certainly bring one if you don't have one. Just let us know!

Do you have insurance? 

Every ZapMaid clean is insured up to $50,000 for damages.