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App based cleaning service with hourly rates


No Contracts—Pay for exactly how much time you need.


ZapMaids are paid a living wage and receive health benefits.




ZapMaid believes in a more transparent and sustainable future for everyone.

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Consistency—Request the same ZapMaid every time.

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I can’t recommend this company enough! Not only are all of the maids I’ve worked with super helpful and polite, but they are extremely responsive and helpful. I’ve used this company for a year now and can say I recommend it to everyone I know. The app is pretty easy to use, but the selling point is the great customer service and final product.
— Lillian Schenck (jan19 google)
Sometimes I request a ZapMaid to do my laundry or my dishes!
— maja holzinger (feb19 google)
My Airbnb business grew 300% with the incorporation of ZapMaid.
— Anisha Moorehead (sep19 Google Play)
ZapMaid has a great app and reliable cleaners who do a great job cleaning my home. Thanks guys!
— Andrew Zachary (oct18 AppStore)

Meet your ZapMaids

Working with ZapMaid has been perfect fit for my life! I’ve always been a neat, detail-oriented person, so each day I get to come to work and exercise my strengths. I manage my own schedule, work by myself, and learn a bit more about New Orleans each time I clean The best part is that there’s always the opportunity to go 200% today so that I can travel cross country tomorrow.
— Allison
While “gig economy” platforms are popular amongst lumpenproletariats such as myself for offering the opportunity to work as much or as little as one likes week to week, ZapMaid truly distinguishes itself for it’s unabashed and demonstrable CARE FOR ITS WORKERS: ZapMaid offers a bonafide living wage, healthcare benefits and a CEO running the show whose progressive politics are palpably translated into the company ethos. Between the exemplary company culture and the wonderful people I’ve met cleaning, I love being a ZapMaid.
— Leo

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